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Rice Smart

Rice Smart

Rice Smart

In¬†designing extraordinary storage systems to bring innovation and order to the modern home, the Tupperware Rice Dispenser was inspired by Asia’s main staple – rice. Rice has traditionally been stored in earthen bins or large clay urns. Daily scooping of rice with cup and contact of rice with moist hands create potential contamination and infestation of weevils.

There are 8 types of rice as follows:

1. Rough Rice: Known as paddy rice, the rough rice kernels are still encased in an inedible, protective hull.

2. Rice Bran: The outer layer on brown rice and a rich source of minerals and nutrients.

3. Milled White Rice: Rice obtained after milling the hushed rice.

4. Rice Hulls: The outer covering or husk layer that encloses the rice kernel.

5. Large Broken Rice: Fragment of kernel, the length is less than 3/4 but greater than one-half of the average length of a whole kernel.

6. Brown Rice: Paddy that has undergone husking process.

7. Small Broken Rice: Fragment of kernel, the length is less than or equal to 1/4 of the average length of a whole kernel.

8. Rice flour: Produced by milling broken or milled rice.

Now keep rice fresh with the new Tupperware Rice Dispenser. The advantages are as follows:

* Unique drawer designed to dispense rice with a slide.

* Hygienic and prevents contamination from hands.

* First-in-first-out rotation keeps rice fresh.

* One swipe dispenses exactly 1 cup of rice (150 g ).

* Convenient size that fits all kitchen tops.

* Stores up to 10.5kg of rice, perfect for every family.

* In pleasing neutral colors to match any kitchen decor.


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