Tupperware NaturCare BerryGen

The Tupperware Brands just recently launched the new improved version of BerryGen, mixture of Berries and Collagen.  It adds 2 very good ingredients, namely Apple Stem Cell and Gluta White which can amazingly improves your skin conditions in 7 days. What are Apple Stem and Gluta White?

1. Apple Stem Cell:

Scientists discovered that the cells of a rare apple tree grown in Switzerland demonstrated a positive effect on human stem cells in clinical trials. Stem cells are most important for the continuous regeneration of human skin and hair. The extract of these Apple Stem cells appear to stimulate and rejuvenate the human stem cells. This has resulted in:

* Reduction in wrinkles and fine lines

* Improved skin firmness and elasticity

* Delayed aging of skin

* Slower hair-depletion rate

* More radiant and youthful skin

2. Gluta White:

Scientifically known as L-Glutathione, this amazing mother of all antioxidants is a superb molecular compound produced in the liver with the power to neutralise free radicals. It is able to regulate the actions of lesser antioxidants such as vitamin C and E and increase their antioxidant power when taken together. Most importantly is its ability to whiten skin. When taken with CoQ10, vitamin C and E, Gluta White has the ability to not only inhibit melanin production but also reverse the metabolic pathway to produce light-pigmented melanin resulting in an overall lightened skin complexion.

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